Data product operation

2018-10-17 Shenzhen Several discuss personally

Operating duty:

Responsible for the operation of data products and brand marketing, and enhance the visibility of products.

Regularly release industry reports to enhance the industry influence of data products.

Familiar with the current popular WeChat, know and other new media dissemination rules, formulate operational strategies.

Responsible for cross product cooperation, media cooperation, coordinating available resources, and promoting overall project planning.

Analyze operational data and optimize operation means based on this.

Job requirements:

Familiar with Internet industry, more than 1 years experience in product operation.

Able to understand business models and industrial ecology of data products.

Strong ability to plan market activities, excellent writing and presentation skills, outstanding creative ability, active thinking, familiar with innovative media marketing methods

Good communication, motivation, coordination, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit

Preferred who has experience in operation and promotion of data statistics and big data related fields.