In 2015, the Expo ended perfectly.

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The 2015 Ann Fair falls in the cool autumn wind, the people in the cold wind security, a fiery heart is burning in majesty. The four-day Ann Fair has brought countless joys to the autumn in Shenzhen, and Di Weitai has also made great achievements in this grand exhibition.



The Dewey Pavilion is located at Pavilion 1 D03. Since the first day of the exhibition, people have been crowding around and there has been a heated discussion everywhere. Customers at home and abroad have shown great interest in Divetail's miniature cameras and brand new panoramic cameras.

Divetail's miniature cameras have always been at the leading level in the industry, and this year's exhibition is the introduction of 3 million wide dynamic, 5 million network miniature cameras and AHD miniature cameras series products. These products capture clear images, high resolution, good imaging quality, in a variety of characteristics of the same products, greatly attracted the attention of customers, Devitais and old and new users to cooperate on a new level.

Diwaite has been working with the circle around this year to launch a new panoramic camera series. This series of panoramic cameras is different from other panoramic cameras in the world. It uses sub-high-definition cameras for video acquisition, and uses advanced technology to seamlessly assemble images. It can also restore real scenes by connecting professional video terminals. It truly reflects the foresight of Divetail in the field of surveillance camera. Progressiveness.

In addition, the company has introduced a variety of new appearance and H. 265 products, to meet the development direction of surveillance cameras, meet the basic needs of customers for general camera products.

Di Wei Tai in the future development principle, will continue to strive to walk in the forefront of the industry, to provide customers with more advanced and practical products, to bring greater value to customers.

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